About The Dean Rallies

1987 Wyedean stages rally competitionThe initial project was to record the details of The Wyedean Stages Forest Rally, but it soon became apparent that this should be expanded to tell the whole story.  The details that are to be shared here are available due to the generosity of the people who were there, and as on-going work we look forward to history that is yet to be made.

Special Stage Rallies are not just about the competitors; the contribution made by Land Owners, Organisers, Marshals, Spectators and Local Residents must also be recognised.


Thanks to John Gillo (Past MSA Forestry Liaison Officer), Graham Powell (CoC Dursley Rally), Richard Shorey, Grantley Cleaver, Stuart Harrold, Geoff Cotterill, Tony Dowler, David Stokes, Ursula Partridge (Martin Holmes Rallying), Martin Liddle, Pete Stowe, Keith Lay, Kevin Watkins and Patrick (Beaulieu Motoring Reference Library)


For the hours of conversation with: Philip Turley, Bart Venner, Graham Elsmore, Ernie Castree, Paul Willetts, Colin Green, Henry Hardiment, Norman Salt, Graham Rhodda, Martin Clark, Bob Bennett, Eric Davis, Colin Webb


For valuable items donated to the archive by: Linden Cox, Grantley Cleaver, Peter Knowles,  Lynne Paddock, Nik & Nina Biddle. Recent additions received from the collected memorabilia of the late and much revered Pat Harris.


Special thank you to Nikki for all the hours
I have been allowed to work on this project
in the Bunker with my two assistants.                                         More pictures and comments on related Facebook page.                  Facebook_F