Gulf London Rally




Thursday 24th June - Saturday 26th


Forest of Dean: Thursday 24th

SS1 Speech House


SS2  Mailscot



Forest of Dean: Saturday 26th

SS  Haugh Wood


SS  Queens Wood


SS  Speech House (Repeat SS1)


 Autocar Report   Tom Trana Accident




Thursday 23rd June - Saturday 25th

Forest of Dean: Saturday 25th
SS27 Haugh Wood (06:54) in at 142/585364 in off Mordiford - Woolhope Road out at 142/59353520 .25 of mile west of Rudge Farm
SS28 Queens Wood (07:18) in at 143/668267 Linton Wood out at 143/687279 Oxenhall
SS29 Symonds Yat (08:05) in at 142/564158 Symonds Yat Car Park out at 142/566118  A4136 near Brickworks
SS30 Serridge (08:26) in at 142/639155 Northern out at 142/616122 Beechenhurst.  Tony Fall retired his Mini

TC10 143/616119 Beechenhurst

SS31 Russells (08:39) in at 155/613085 Remploy (Parkend) out at 155/627094 The Barracks
SS32 Speech House (08:47) in at 143/623103 Trafalgar Avenue out at 155/65400885 Blackpool Bridge

Tuesday 27th June - Saturday 1st July
Forest of Dean: Wednesday 28th
SS19 Tidenham Chase (2.83 miles) in at 155/546007 (Beeches Farm) out at 155/552984 (Boatwood)
Fastest: Bjorn Waldegard/Lars Helmer Porsche 911 B34880  3:26 mins (Target 3:24)
SS20 Russells (3.01 miles) Cancelled prior to event start
SS21 Speech House (10.21 miles) in at 155/64088 (Blackpool Bridge) out at 142/624103 (Trafalgar Avenue)
Fastest: Number of competitors cleaned stage.
SS22 Serridge in at Beechenhurst (tbc) out at Sheep Pens (tbc) Cancelled prior to event start