Historic RAC

The Autoglass RAC International Historic Rally of Great Britain  19 Tests
Thursday 7th March - Sunday 10th

Forest of Dean: Thursday 7th
Test 2 Serridge - Special test on the tarmac road.

The Charringtons Historic RAC Rally  22 tests
Friday 27th March - Sunday 29th

Wye Valley: Thursday 27th
SS1 Chepstow Park in and out at 162/501985 (Fedw) 5.64 miles
SS2 Trelleck Common in at 162/502072 (B4293) out at 162/503074 (Whitebrook Road)

RAC International Historic Rally 16 Special Stages
Saturday 22nd November - Sunday 23rd

Support events run over first nine stages:
National Rally Britannia
Classic Rally Britannia

Forest of Dean: Saturday 22nd
SS1 Blaize Bailey 3.30 Miles

SS2 Blaize Bailey 3.30 Miles

SS3 Speech House 2.98 Miles

SS4 Yorkley 2.23 Miles